Nerja has some of the best weather in the Costa del Sol!

One of the most unique things about Nerja Spain is its location, nestled between the Mediterranean sea and the majestic Sierra Almijarra mountain range.

Thanks to this, Nerja is protected from the cold north winds and therefore the weather in Nerja is mild all year round.

It’s probably one of the only places in the world where in winter or spring you can be on the beach in the afternoon and in the morning skiing on the ski slopes of Granada!

The weather also makes it an ideal place to enjoy its 13 kilometers of Nerja beaches and to take part in a wide range of outdoor activities including fishing, diving, waterskiing, canoeing, water bikes, hiking, cycling, horse riding, jeep safaris, paragliding and much much more!

Just out of interest … Nerja was first named “Detunda” by the Romans. It was the Moors who later changed the name to “Narixa” which means “abundant spring”.

Narixa then evolved into the name Nerja that we know and love today.

And by the way, the “j” in Nerja is pronounced like a “h” and not like a “j”, so when pronounced it sounds like “nerr-ha“.